Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reagan Elizabeth is here!!

Reagan Elizabeth Mattison was born July 14th, at 7:51 am weighing 7 lbs 4 oz, 18.5" long and absolutely gorgeous!! It's pretty busy with 2, so it's taken a week to get pictures loaded and sent out. I'm still moving pretty slow from the c-section, so hopefully I will be up to full speed soon to keep up with these 2 little girlies!

Here is Mckinley's first trip to the hospital . . . she was a little overwhelmed!!

My dad's first chance to hold Baby Reagan

Mckinley didn't hold the baby on her first trip . . there were fewer people around the next day, so she got her chance then. And she's held her every day since!

Getting ready to head home!! Which one is the baby?

My mom with their 11th grandchild!

The hospital makes these cute little bow hats for the baby girls.

Is that a smile???

Finally at home. We came home on Friday afternoon and here's Mckinley watching cartoons and snuggling with her baby sister.

How sweet is this picture?!

At home with Nana (Trent's mom).

Mckinley loves to feed her babies with the real bottles!

And she like to help feed the real baby!

Trent surprised me with this huge stork in our front yard when we got home!


Brad said...

Reagan is beautiful! I love the picture of Trent holding his 2 girls!

Brad said...

Sorry-- that was Angie above. Brad is apparently logged in to gmail.

Laura Beth said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful! Looks like McKinley is a proud big sister! :)

Jennifer said...

she is beautiful! Congrats and good luck!!

The Hadfields said...

So sweet...congrats!

Aisie said...

So beautiful. I hope you get your energy back soon and are feeling better. Reagan is adorable and McKinley looks like a great big sister. Trent has his work cut out for him with all his ladies!

Heather said...

Congrats April!! I love the little bow hat they gave her in the hospital. She is precious!!!

lyla said...

she is perfect! such sweet, sweet pictures. they are all so cute i could comment on every single one fo them. you look great and you have a precious family.

An inside look at Ms. Independent - Ava! said...

Congrats! Those are some great pictures. Can't wait to visit again soon.