Monday, March 30, 2009

Time for the name game again

Parker Elizabeth Mattison
Reagan Elizabeth Mattison

Some recent pics

It's been forever since I downloaded pictures, so here are just a few favorites from the last month or so . . .

We've had some warmer weather, so we've spent as much time as possible outside. Mckinley loves it!!

Getting this girl to keep her shoes on is a daily battle . . .

Here Elmo, did you want some juice? I hope she shares this well with her baby sister!
At the Dallas Aquarium with Daddy

She loves helping Mommy and Daddy in the yard. Check out those pigtails!

Random . . . I was standing in the kitchen a week or so ago and I looked down and realized I couldn't see my feet!! So, I thought I'd take a picture:

Taking a bath in the big tub!

Miss Mckinley is very snuggly first thing in the morning . . . .

How big does she look in this one??

Mckinley is doing new stuff all the time . . singing ABCs and Itsy Bitsy Spider, carrying around her "babies" everywhere, going down the slide by herself, all kinds of big girl stuff! We are working on getting her big girl room ready so we can have the nursery for the baby. We will try the switch to the big girl bed in the next month or so, but I'm not sure if she'll be ready or not! If not, then we may try to borrow another crib for a couple of months until she is.
Pregnancy has been very different the 2nd time around! There's just not as much time to think about it. We haven't taken any pictures and since it's another girl, we haven't really bought anything either. Once we get Mckinley's new room ready, then I will feel better . . I'll be able to get the nursery nice and clean and get out the baby stuff and see what we need to get. I'm 24 weeks along (somehow the ticker is off) and we'll be scheduling the c-section the week of July 13th.
That's about it for now!