Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What have we been up to?

It's been awhile since my last post, so I'll catch you up on what we've been up to! Life with an almost 8 month old is busy, busy, busy! Especially since I've been working more lately. Mckinley is interested in EVERYTHING! She can now sit in a high chair when we go out to eat, which she thinks is just fabulous! But now we have to be sure to clear that entire side of the table if there's anything that we don't want on the floor or in her mouth! No crawling yet (which is fine by me!) but she loves to sit up all by herself! And all I hear these days is da da da da da . . . nothing even close to ma ma.

Trent's been working very hard and traveling a lot, and I've been working quite a bit lately as well, so last week we took a much needed vacation! We had a wonderful time. We headed out to Phoenix, and the weather was perfect - mid 80s every day we were there. We stayed 4 nights and the resort had a great pool, which was just what we were looking for. We lounged by the pool all day and ate good food every night. This was Mckinley's first time in a pool and she absolutely loved it!

We got a chance to lay out in the sun and have a margarita or 2 while our sweet baby girl napped in the shade at least twice every day!

Just chillin' in the room . . .

Fascinated by the fountain

Just reading my book, I've got this vacation thing down

The only downside to Phoenix is the 2 hour time difference . . . this was dinner our last night there, about 7 Phoenix time, 9 at home (she usually goes to bed around 7:30) But she was a trooper!

Another exciting part of the last month is the fact that I have been helping our good friends Walker and Stephanie find a new house. Well, we found one . . . 4 doors down from our house! Walker and Trent have been friends since junior high and it's crazy that they will soon be living on the same street! We're very excited and are looking forward to years of cookouts and hanging out at the neighborhood pool!

We also had a pretty eventful Easter weekend. We headed out to Austin to visit Trent's grandmother and cousins and aunt and uncle. Here is Grams meeting Mckinley for the first time!

We stayed with Trent's cousin Greg and his wife Jade. On Saturday, they took us out on their boat. Mckinley loved it! This girl is up for anything! I have Greg and Jade's little girl Gralyn in my lap . . . who is adorable and Mckinley loved her.
I think next year she'll be ready for some water skiing . . . or at the very least some serious tubing.
This is Greg and Jade's backyard at sunset . . the picture doesn't even do it justice. It was amazing. If we had this yard I don't think we would ever leave home!

And this is Easter morning. Mckinley had an adorable dress and I had grand plans to get all kinds of family photos, but it didn't seem to happen. Greg and Jade have 3 kids, so it was a busy morning getting everyone out the door to church! And then they had a ton of family and friends over for lunch. It was a great weekend!

All the way back to March . . . Mckinley had a festive first St Patty's Day! We went down to the big parade on Greenville Ave in Dallas. It was tons of fun! It's sort of a drunk fest, but we were able to find a good spot sort of off the main drag and we listened to live music and watched the parade. It was a big day and as always Mckinley was great at going with the flow. She is definitely our little party girl!

So, for those of you that check in on us, you are now pretty much up to date. We are taking a trip to Nashville at the end of the month so we hope to catch up with as many friends as we can while we're there!