Monday, November 26, 2007

Just Pics

Okay . . . so Mckinley is in bed, and I am shortly behind her, and I don't really have the energy for words, but here are a bunch of pictures we've taken recently . . . . .

It got cold here in Dallas for a few days, so we found ourselves trying to come up with outfits to keep our little one warm. Some of them were kind of funny looking, but they did the job!

Hope you enjoy these . . . goodnight!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

To Grandmother's House We Go

Mckinley had a big weekend! She took her first flight to go visit grandparents and her newest cousin, Tripp, in Lubbock. She was wonderful on the plane!! The toughest part of the trip was getting through the airport with our insane amount of baby gear . .

Here's the happy traveler . . . .

Mckinley has so much hair that people comment on it everywhere we go! And everyone keeps telling me I need to put a bow in it, so I finally tried out a clip on bow and she didn't seem to mind it. Looks pretty darn cute!!

Here's Uncle Trent with our newest nephew, Tripp. He was born about 3 1/2 weeks after Mckinley.

Mckinley and Patti (Trent's stepmom)

Mckinley and Nana (Trent's mom)

Mckinley's first try in her cousin's swing. I think we're going to have to get her one of her own!
Mckinley with her Aunt Jenny (Tripp's mommy)

Poppy with his grandsons and great-granchildren. Notice Mckinley is the only girl . . first girl Mattison in 48 years!!

Poppy and Sheryl with the newest baby Mattisons.
Uncle Tanner and Aunt Stephanie with Mckinley.

Tripp's big brother Tucker watching Cars!
Who are you???
Snoozing away . . . . . how cute are they?!

Mommy and Mckinley . . not the greatest pic of me, but since I'm usually the one taking them, there aren't very many of the 2 of us!

Mckinley is doing great and developing the cutest little personality. Every morning when she first wakes up she is all smiles and just coos away. The only tough part is the nights . . . she's 11 weeks and she only sleeps 3-4 hours at a time at night. Usually she'll eat and go back to sleep, but sometimes she wants to stay up and play. I try to give her the pacifer first to see if she can go back to sleep without eating and every once in a while that will tide her over for another hour or so . . . . . Anyway, I'm not complaining . . I'm almost getting used to surviving on cat naps . . . . but if any of you oh so wise mothers have some advise, I'm all ears!