Monday, July 23, 2007

Showered with love!

About a week ago we headed to Nashville for our first 2 baby showers. We started the weekend with a shower at Trent's corporate office on Friday and we were blown away by all the sweet things that his co-workers and friends brought for Mckinley. The centerpiece of the gift table was this amazing diaper cake that was loaded with goodies!! We counted about 350 diapers - which sounds like a lot, but we've been told it's probably less than 1 months supply!

Then on Saturday we headed out to Jamie and Clark's house for a couples shower. It was so great to get together with everyone and to top it off we got even more lovely things to help welcome our baby girl into the world!

In honor of our recent move to Texas, Stacy made me this adorable corsage. There was also a matching pink suede boot so Mckinley now officially has her first pair of cowgirl boots.

There were yummy monogrammed cupcakes . . . .

And plenty of other yummy dishes to go with them! Also another beautiful diaper cake bringing the total diper count closer to 500 . . it will be so nice to have to rush to the store for diapers (at least for a few weeks!).
The whole group of sweet and beautiful hostesses! The fact that most of these girls have had children and are now back to their regular beautiful figures gives me great hope for the future of my waistline!!
Stacy also made Trent a daddy diaper toolbelt - so he is all ready to tackle those first few diapers! He is going to be such a great daddy!!

We had a wonderful weekend and we headed back home with 2 huge suitcases full of gifts! We are so grateful for wonderful friends that help make this such a special and exciting time. I can't wait for Mckinley to finally meet everyone!

My favorite room in the house

Welcome to my new favorite room in our house. The nursery is all ready for Mckinley . . her bed is made, her clothes and blankets are all washed, and the drawers are full of diapers! I love to sit up there in the chair and fold her little clothes or just look around at all her little things. I hope she likes her room as much as I do!