Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Name Game Continues . . .

Thank you all for your comments on our name game. We finally have a big winner! Just one more issue . . the best way to spell it! We have some grandparents that are anxious to get gifts made with her name on it, so we need to make a decision soon. Your thoughts are welcome!! Here are the choices . . .

McKinley Grace Mattison
Mckinley Grace Mattison
Mackinley Grace Mattison

Whatever the finally decision is, we can't wait for our little Kinley Girl to hurry up and get here!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Overall, I'm a pretty laidback person. I've never had mood swings with pms and I can let most things roll off my back. I'm extremely clumsy when I'm not pregnant, so I fully expected more than my share of spills and messes during pregnancy. They usually don't phase me, I'm used to cleaning up after myself! I've always hoped this would be a good quality as a mother, since there are that many more messes to clean up. Anyway, I've always heard about the mood swings that come with pregnancy and all the crazy hormones running through your body. So far, I have not been very affected . . . until last night.

First let me explain that my midsection is growing very fast and very big. I went to the dr yesterday and she said my weight gain is right on track, however, because I am so short waisted the baby is pushing all of my other organs up and out. So, even though my weight is in line with being 5 1/2 months pregnant, she said my stomach looks like I'm 7 months! Because of this, I have started getting very uncomfortable and even the smallest tasks seem very overwhelming. So I'll start out the day with a list of 20 things to accomplish and I get about 3 of them done and I'm exhausted. This has started to really stress me out because there are a lot of things I need to get done before the baby comes . . like decorate the nursery for instance!

So last night I finally had my first breakdown. I was making dinner and emptying the dishwasher and I dropped a glass measuring cup on the floor and it shattered everywhere. I could feel the tears coming immediately. It had nothing to do with any attachment to that particular measuring cup. It had everything to do with the fact that bending over is no small feat these days and very uncomfortable. As I started bending over to pick up the many pieces of glass, I began a full on cry. Trent was sitting at the kithen table and looked up at me with wide eyes and asked "Are you having a break down?" I said "I think so." He said "Why? Do I need to run out and buy you another measuring cup?" I said "No. Bending over just HURTS!" Well, he immediately got up and took over the cleanup. Then he took over the dinner making and the dishes and told me to go sit on the couch. I didn't have to move the rest of the night - he brought everything to me and every time I made a move to get something he would say "What do you need? I can get it for you." So while I did not enjoy the overwhelming feeling of my first breakdown, I must say the result was nice! Trent is wonderful anyway, but I have a feeling he may go above and beyond for a little while to prevent his ever growing wife from having another melt down any time soon!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Our New Texas Home

Several of you have asked to see photos of the new house, so here are a few. These were the only rooms clean at the time . . . so I'll try to post some more after I do some cleaning! Also, I took these about a week ago and we've hung a few more pictures on the wall and done a little more decorating since then, but you get the idea! There are several projects we want to do, but overall there wasn't much we wanted to change about this house - we love it!

Eventually we'd like a new front door and our electrician said he can run the wire to hang some lanterns on the stone on both sides - which we'd like to do soon.

I can't wait to decorate this staircase for Christmas!! We also might eventually put in some iron balisters . . .

Bailey loves his new home and the new couch!
Here's a view of the kitchen from the family room . . . we had the pendants put in and the above cabinet lighting. It's a gorgeous kitchen, it was just a little dark. We've also picked out cabinent hardware to add . . just trying to decide if that's something we can successfully do ourselves or if we should get a professional. I think there were dishes in the sink at the time, so I'll have to take a picture from inside the kitchen some other time!

Dining room is immediately to the left when you walk in the front . . sorry for the blur!

Family room with a woodburning fireplace - yeah!!! They seem to be hard to find in Nashville . .
Another view of the family room . . . I want to do some kind of window treatment on this wall of windows, just not sure what to do yet . .

The puppies love their new backyard!! And so do we!

One of the things I love about this house is all these little areas throughout the house . . this is in a hallway upstairs, and there's another little reading nook with builtin bookcases upstairs as well as a planning desk in a seperate nook downstairs off the breakfast room. Lots of places for kiddos!
This guest bedroom is on the other side of the upstairs from the nursery (which I'm sure will be a good thing for our guests!) and has it's own bathroom. We had it painted this color and added the lantern light fixture.
This is the bath for that room. All the baths have slate flooring as well as in the kitchen, foyer, and breakfast room. I had never really considered slate, but I love it! The colors are great and it is so easy to take care of and doesn't show dirt! I would highly recommend it.

This is the other guest room and it's connected to the nursery by a jack and jill bathroom. So, eventually it will be a big girl room when we're ready to make room in the nursery for another little Mattison!
We haven't touched the nursery yet (except for Trent putting together the crib!) so I'll share more photos after we get it all ready for Baby Girl.

Here's a glimpse into the baby's closet . . of course this was before we knew it was a girl, so this collection is already grown!
That's all I have for now. We have plenty of room, so if any of you are in the mood to head out to the exciting city of Dallas we'd love to have you has our guests!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The wait is over!!!

We finally had our ultrasound on Monday! The baby looks wonderful!! Everything is developing right on schedule and looks nice and healthy! To top it all off, the baby cooperated and we were finally able to find out the sex . . . . . so take a look at our baby girl!!

So sweet . . . .

Sucking her thumb!

Posing for the camera

So now it is time to play The Name Game. My husband is ready to for this baby to have a name ASAP! We've narrowed it down to 3, but I'm having a tough time making up my mind. I know once we pick one it will grow on me and by the time she's born it will be perfect, but it's such a big decision! So, if anyone wants to cast their vote, here are the finalists:
Parker Grace Mattison
Mckinley Grace Mattison/Mackinley Grace Mattison
Taylor Grace Mattison
Trent is crazy about the name Mckinley/Mackinley but I'm not sure about it. The more you say it, it really does starts to grow on you, but I'm not sure how to spell it . . . .
Anyway, that's all the big news I have for now!